i like pink peonies and things that tickles my heart. (: these posts are sometimes random and somewhat personal, so read them with care. other than that, hope you'll enjoy as much as i enjoyed posting them. (:

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Şışhane Park - Begüm Öner

sometimes all you want is just a little love and concern.


“1000 Shadows” - Herbert Baglione via Idea Fixa.

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Link Furniture System by Tamás Boldizsár

Link Furniture offers a possible system which could assist average users to create their own furniture. In my concept the basis of construction is created by a designer and within this framework users could create their own furniture like modular building blocks and sharing or transforming their creative ideas. The modular elements are made of wood and the custom corners are 3D printed by FDM printing technology. These printers are using thermoplastics so you can remelt and reprint this material which means you can redesign your furnitures without new materials. In conclusion, this is a real sustainable furniture system.


Hexamine (2013) by Laurence Grégoire

The project proposes two sets of pencils, a lead (H to 9B) and a color. The objective was to simplify the product and eliminate waste. At first use, simply “break” each pen tablet. The contents of the object itself becomes its own packaging.

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